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Skype will arrive on iPad and iPhone 4G

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Skype will arrive on iPad and iPhone 4G –

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According to news that appeared on the iPodNN portal, Dan Neary, vice president of the Asian division of Skype, revealed some new information regarding the company's future plans regarding the iPhone market. In particular, Neary discussed about the well-known Skype application for iPhone, already usable on iPad, but absolutely not designed to be used on that type of device.

For this reason, the company will launch an ad-hoc version for iPad during the summer, while there are substantial plans for a substantial update of Skype for iPhone. The release of iPhone OS4, in fact, will finally allow the use of various functions, including operation in the background via multitasking and the possibility of making video conferences thanks to the front camera provided for the next iPhone model.

Let's be clear, nothing has been confirmed yet, but Neary said: "We believe that videos are an integral part of the Skype experience, and that they are evolving strongly in the mobile scenario, so expect announcements about it."

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