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Skype: How to record calls and video calls

Skype call recording

The long awaited new feature for Skype is official: now you can record calls and video calls made with the Microsoft client.

You can easily record Skype calls, even video calls, directly from Skype thanks to the great novelty of Microsoft, which is doing everything to improve and optimize its Skype: in release the function to record calls and video calls one of the most significant news.

Skype call recording

When it comes to videocall, whether it's keeping in touch with friends and distant relatives, but also if you need an urgent remote work meeting, the first name that comes to mind for sure is Skype. of the VoIP calls, was among the first services to also offer the possibility of looking at the interlocutor through the screen of an electronic device.

But the glories of the past, unfortunately, have experienced a long period of decline, coincided with the acquisition of the platform by the company of Bill Gates. Although numerous modifications have been made and improvements made, a common thought that from when Skype passed under the protection of Microsoft's many things no longer go the right way.

Precisely to overturn this common ideal, Microsoft over the past year has been committed to listening to the feedback of its users, who loudly advanced requests on a more practical and functional software.

The result is the renewal that passes not only from graphic restyling of Skype, but also by the proposal of new additional features that enrich the experience with the service.

Skype how to record calls

in fact today the official news already smelled in the air by Android users who were aware of the news in the last few days that Skype is gradually introducing a function that will make its users happy. see them again later, immortalizing the conversation in real time.

In particular, during a call or video call with one or more people, it will be possible to start recording by pressing the + menu button in the lower right corner of the call screen, and select the Start recording item.

Skype calls recorded in the cloud

Audio and video conversations will be saved in the cloud: at the end of the Skype call, a file that can be downloaded by all participants will be made available in the chat: for example, if a video call was recorded, the file, downloadable for 30 days, will be a MP4 to download locally or share with other people.

Privacy protection

Of course, the respect and protection of privacy are issues of primary importance: Microsoft knows this well, and in fact it has set up the registration system with an automatic notification that is shown to all participants, just when the registration is started.

Moreover, each of the interlocutors will be able to oppose, if does not want to give consent, through the action of a practical button that interrupts the recording.