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SkinTight Speck: iPod video cases arrive

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SkinTight is a reinforced silicone case to protect the 30Gb and 60GB video iPods from scratches and bumps. Includes screen protector. The back, as seen from the image on the right, features pads that make it easier to grip and prevent the iPod from slipping out of your hands.

You can insert the iPod in the dock to recharge it or connect it to the sync cable by simply opening the bottom part of the book. The packs include 3 different colored silicone covers. Silicone BLUE color, Black, Blue and Ice Silicone Case plus a transparent screen to protect the displayThe retail price of the 3 pack of 29.99 euros

The products will be available at Speck's Italian distributor, American Dataline in the last weeks of December.

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