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Siri is getting smarter on HomePod, now she lives up to Google Assistant

Novità per HomePod: così Apple potenzia lo speraker Smart per la casa

Siri on HomePod did not initially impress positively. Indeed, already in the first reviews of the critics it was pointed out how the Apple speaker sounded well, without being too smart. In short, his position, especially towards the other virtual assistants, was rather inconvenient. Several months later, here is a new test, which instead rewards the Apple assistant, which has become particularly precise, so much so that it almost equates to Google Assistant.

The annual comparison between digital assistants was conducted by Loup Ventures analyst, Gene Munster, who tested the assistants through a barrage of questions. The comparison featured smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo with Alexa, Home with Google Assistant, HomePod with Siri and Harmon Kardon speakers with Microsoft's Cortana. The experiment was based on a series of 800 questions, taking care to note the accuracy of the answers, as well as the understanding of the initial question.

Siri getting smarter on HomePod, now at the height of Google Assistant

Moreover, the questions have been divided into five categories, so as to range over different topics: places of interest, electronic commerce, information, navigation and hardware.

Google Assistant was able to understand all the queries, on which it provided correct answers for about 88 percent of cases. Siri came in second, understanding 99.6 percent of queries and answering 74.6 percent correctly. Alexa understood 99% of the queries and answered 72.5 percent of the questions correctly. Finally Cortana who correctly answered 63 percent of the questions.

Siri distinguished himself in the category of questions related to music, which turns out to be the specialization of HomePod. Apple's assistant was less informed about trade queries.

In terms of accuracy, Siri has improved understanding of questions by 22 percentage points, if you look at the last comparison of nine months ago: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana have improved understanding by 7 or 9 percentage points.

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