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Siri for Android, call it with the right name …

Siri per Android esiste?

I want it with Siri for Android. The claim, heard with our ears in a phone shop, unfortunately for the moment (and we would say forever) not practicable. Apple does not provide a Siri for Android for multiple reasons: the first and foremost that it is a product that delivers strategic value to its integrated offer of services, hardware and software. It would be foolish to dismantle the system and thus weaken hardware sales, from which Cupertino derives a huge amount of profits, to put his virtual assistant on a competing iPhone phone.

In fact, in the past, applications that pretended to be Siri appeared on the Google Play Store. But I note that that shop which is not rigorously manned and here programs, all rigorously tarot, did not do what they promised at all. But before being removed, they generated tens of thousands of downloads, arousing the hope that someone really did succeed in the job that Jobs would have called "freezing hell". Cracks have also appeared which briefly took Siri out of its natural context, but Apple "spread" them almost immediately.

Established that Siri for Android never existed and never existed, and that therefore any application that promises to make you activate your phone with the classic Hey Siri will be only a mockery, there is certainly no desert in terms of virtual assistants. Google Now was in fact the first Siri for Android, later outdated (but not yet extinct) when Google Assistant arrived. Although Google Assistant differs in several respects from Siri, to the point that calling it Siri for Android a little misleading, basically it does the same task.

If until a few months ago Google Now left a bitter taste in the mouth of the users of the green robot, with the advent of Google Assistant, owners of a Google smartphone should no longer regret the absence of Siri for Android. Moreover some heads say some aspects of functionality

Siri for Android, call it Google Assistant


Google Assistant , in almost all cases, installed by default on any supported Android device. To have Google Assistant just have a smartphone with Android 6.0 or later, with at least 1.5 GB of RAM, and a screen resolution of 720p or higher.


In reality there is no nothing to install, because in 90% of cases, already at the first start, Google Assistant will be available on the smartphone. If anything, it will have to be activated and configured for proper operation. To do this, simply hold down the Home button for a few seconds. On Android, the Home button can be physical or virtual: in any case it makes no difference, you will have to press it for a few moments. It is also possible that at the first start the smartphone will ask, immediately after entering your Google account, also to configure the Assistant, so that it is immediately ready for the first start.

Does Siri for Android exist?

Voice unlock

The extremely simple configuration: it will be sufficient to repeat aloud, in a place without many noises, the phrase "Ok, Google". In this way, not only will the virtual assistant be perfectly calibrated, but it will also recognize the user, being able to unlock the terminal directly with your voice. To understand each other better: by turning on the device on the lock screen, the one where the PIN is requested, it will be possible to go to the Home without entering a password, simply saying the words "Ok, Google" aloud. For this latter mechanism to work properly, access the Google app, click on the Hamburger menu in the lower left, then Settings, Voice, Voice Match, and enable the Unblock button with Voice Match.

Alternative method

If the above does not work, you can download it the Google Assistant app from the Google Play Store, of course free. In this way, if necessary, the integration of the assistant within the operating system will be forced. If Google Assistant works correctly from the first start, you can also save yourself the installation of this application, which is still official. In case of problems, try to download it, directly to this address. It is also possible to install a Go version, i.e. lighter, for less powerful devices.

Siri for Android

Is there a Google Assistant for iOS?

As already mentioned, Google exists for iOs. Google invests heavily in its services and almost always exports them to third-party hardware platforms. He did it with Maps, Cloud, with YouTube, with the music streaming platform, and it is no exception even for Google Assistant iOS. To enjoy the Google virtual assistant on iPhone and iPad, simply download the relevant free application from the App Store.

Does Siri for Android exist?

Installation and use of Google Assistant on iOS

The first thing to do to use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad download the application to this address. After starting it, you will be asked to enter your Google email. The system will then ask for permissions to access notifications and microphone. Obviously, the advice is to provide both permissions, to take full advantage of Google's voice assistant.

Does Siri for Android exist?

On iOS, unfortunately, Google Assistant cannot be set as the default voice assistant. This means that it will not be possible to recall it by pressing the Home button for a long time, nor by means of the "Ok Google" command spoken from the lock screen or from other apps. To be able to use Google Assistant on iOS, you will have to click on the installed application, and only within it will you be able to pronounce the command "Ok Google"; alternatively, you can click on the microphone icon, to be able to ask for help from the assistant. Beyond this important limitation, the operation and capabilities of the service are the same on both iOS and Android.

What can Google Assistant do?

Although Siri does not exist for Android, Google Assistant is a valid alternative. Indeed, according to audiences and critics superior to Apple's assistant, who is currently considered among the worst. First of all, Google Assistant for iOS and Android can manage its own activities, therefore send messages, set reminders, open applications or services, and much more. For example, you can ask for weather information, i results of a particular football team, i upcoming sporting events. And again, you can say hello to get information on daily commitments on the calendar, and receive the latest news broadcast by the main news. Moreover, Google Assistant perfectly integrated with the main instant messaging apps, so you can ask him to send WhatsApp messages, rather than Telegram, and others.

Does Siri for Android exist?

It is still possible to ask Google Assistant to play some music, or even of tell you a joke, or why not give you directions to reach a specific destination. List all the possible actions that the assistant takes on a difficult task, also because Google Assistant learns something new every day. Even try to ask him to sing a song, you will not be disappointed at all. Again, thanks to the assistant you can initiate phone calls, perform calculations is currency conversions or measures, or again set alarms and timers on the fly. Among others, the Google Assistant can translate phrases and words into several languages ​​on the fly.

Home Automation

As already mentioned, Google Assistant, or Google Assistant, if you like, aalso helps the user at home, controlling numerous connected peripherals. Basically, with the assistant installed on a smartphone it is not possible to control smart lights, such as the Philips Hue for example, nor to send the music being played to the chromecast speakers scattered around the house. To enable these functions, Google Home is needed, the Google speaker also available in Italy, with the Google Assistant installed on board.

Google Home

We at Macitynet only reviewed the Google Home Mini a few days ago. We leave you to read the article to understand what its effective potentials are. Google Home and Home Mini can be purchased on the official Google store at the price of 149 and 59 euros respectively. If you want to save money, you can buy the product on eBay, even in the UK or USA version (after the first pairing the speaker will speak perfectly in Italian)


By opening the main Google Assistant screen, both on iOS and Android, it will be possible to click on the blue drawer icon, inside which there will be numerous apps and services that work in conjunction with Google Assistant. To give an example, the TV Guide app allows you to formulate sentences of this type: " Ok Google, ask TV Guide what's on air on Channel 5 tonight". Obviously, there are really many apps available, ranging from those relating to Flights & Hotels, to others on Public Transport, and others.

Does Siri for Android exist?

Google Now

The previous alternative to Siri for Android was called Google Now. It is a less advanced Google assistant than Google Assistant, which is still active on all Android smartphones. It is slowly falling into disuse, so much so that its removal is expected soon. In any case, by clicking on the microphone inside the Google widget, you can call it as an alternative to the Google Assistant. In truth, it is now of little use.

Siri versus Google Assistant

He hears the voice but does not understand the words. An old advertising slogan could be resurrected in the face of some tests conducted in the past on Siri (and competitors), carried out by the marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting. From the evidence it seems to emerge that the Apple's virtual assistant, as appeared from other initiatives to measure the accuracy of the systems of understanding the language, loses comparison with all rivals.

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-745623 size-full” alt=”the results of the survey that put sites at the bottom of the ranking of virtual assistants” width=”800″ height=”692″ data-lazy- src=””/>

The battle of the voice assistants, of course, was decided by strokes of answers provided by the various digital interlocutors. Specifically, the study was conducted on two fronts: ability to answer the greatest number of questions and ability to give the answers correctly: in practical terms, it does not understand what we are saying. The Google Assistant app installed on smartphones was able to beat Amazon's Alexa counterpart, Microsoft's Cortana, and Siri (for whom Apple is looking for new engineers) on both fronts.