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Silk 1.0 makes even the ugliest fonts better

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Tired of seeing the usual, "ugly" text characters in non-Cocoa applications? With Os X 10.1.5 it is possible to have an improvement, but the developers must first update their Carbon applications. For those who don't have time to wait, Silk by Unsanity will take care of it.

The American software house makes this small utility (a system preference) available for free, which allows you to have β€œsmooth” characters in all Carbon applications. At the price of a small slowdown (especially on the G3) in the insertion of the text, due to the extra work for the graphics card.

But the combination of quartz and silk (i.e. Quartz, the graphic engine of Os X and Silk) is luxurious, and greatly improves the effect of a text page. Suffice it to say that Explorer becomes almost like Chimera and OmniWeb … And in any case, it is always possible to select the applications for which the effect is not required.

The 544 Kb program is downloaded starting from this page and requires Mac OS X 10.1.5. With version 1.1 all the variations are immediately available and you can more easily choose the levels of intervention of the "smoothing" for the different applications .