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Silicon Grail is from Apple.

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As we anticipated a few days ago, Apple has now defined the acquisition of Silicon Grail. The home page of the leading company with certain solutions for the 2D world very popular in Hollywood, now informs of the new owner with the following text: "WELCOME TO SILICON GRAIL. Apple purchased Silicon Grail technologies, including the RAYZ and Chalice product lines. "

The best known product, RAYZ, runs on Linux, Win, Irix and Mac OS X and was recently used for films of the caliber of: Deep Blue Sea, Titanic, Star Trek: Insurrection and Men In Black. Silicon Grail comes shortly after absorption of Nothing Real and then Film Logic (from which he shortly after produced the Cinema Tools software), Apple is focusing a lot on the professional cinema sector. At the moment, no other details are known.

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