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Sigma Designs secures the interoperability of devices with Z-Wave SmartStart

sigma designs z-wave

Sigma Designs, a company that produces SoC solutions for smart TV and IoT for smart home, has announced Z-Wave SmartStart, a solution that includes the new Z-Wave protocol and the software layer for the Z-Wave gateway that allows you to simplify the installation and standardize the setup of smart home devices that use Z-Wave.

With Z-Wave SmartStart, network devices are pre-configured before arriving home, reducing installation time and therefore costs, with obvious advantages for installers and the removal of many of the obstacles encountered by users in installations. do-it-yourself.

SmartStart simplifies the installation of Z-Wave devices allowing you to overcome obstacles towards their adoption, including user errors, complexity in the integration and return of products for incorrect installations. To those who provide these services, SmartStart technology allows you to reduce the time that technicians have to devote in each home, allowing you to maximize economic profitability as you can reach more users in less time.

sigma designs smartstart

The pre-configurations of Z-Wave SmartStart reduce setup times and the installer only needs to physically mount the device and power it to automatically create the network. The technology also makes it possible to standardize the various setups between devices, applications and products.

Z-Wave SmartStart uses the Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) framework which according to the manufacturer provides "the most advanced security features for smart home devices, controllers, gateways and hubs". By securing communications, both locally for home devices, and hubs and gateways for cloud functionality, S2 eliminates the risk of hacking devices on the network. Being included in the protocol, manufacturers can integrate StartStart and S2 in interoperable mode, without having to collaborate with other device manufacturers. More details on the Sigma Designs website.