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Siae, studying a new tax on cell phones and computers

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Siae, a new tax on cell phones and computers is being studied – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Reuters agency reports that the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities is studying a new tax on the purchase of mobile phones and computers which could generate around 200 million and which should serve to clean up the accounts of Siae (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers ). The report was reported by Stefano Parisi, CEO of Fastweb during an intervention on the Marconi days. Speaking to Reuters correspondents, Parisi said that "there is talk of two to three euros a piece" (!) "Which are motivated by the need to close the hole of copyright evasion. The revenue could be around 200 million ".

For the umpteenth time, therefore, the use of a computer and a mobile phone related to copyright. Evidently, the receipts paid in past years on video recorders were not enough, the 3% paid on the recording devices is not enough and the taxes of the all-Italian sticker imposed on DVD and CD and the taxes (or, more pompously, "copying fee" are not enough private ") on analog or digital blank media, a law that will surely cause discussion and arouse moodiness because it does not take into account all those cases in which a CD or DVD has nothing to do with copyright. (By Mauro Notarianni)

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