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Show only unread emails in Mail for Mac OS X


Managing a large number of emails can take a long time, but one way to deal with email on your Mac is to set up an Unread messages only mailbox. It allows Mac users to easily view unread emails without having to scroll through previously read emails, as only new or unread emails will be visible. The great thing about this approach that covers all the mailboxes and email accounts configured in Mail for Mac, although you can certainly specify the accounts if you wish.

We will demonstrate how to set up a smart mailbox in Mail for Mac OS X that will only be used to view unread emails. All your periodic emails will remain intact in the normal mailbox, the smart mailbox essentially just a pre-ordered mailbox. Since unread messages are marked as read, they will automatically leave your inbox unread, making it the perfect inbox to handle the backlog of unread emails.

How to show unread emails only in Mail for Mac OS X.

This method is based on creating an intelligent inbox that will only display unread email messages for any and all accounts set up in Mail for Mac.

  1. Open Mail on Mac if you haven't done so already
  2. Open the "Mailbox" menu and choose "New Smart Mailbox"
  3. Create a new smart mailbox on Mac Mail

  4. Give the smart mailbox a name like "Unread messages only", then set the following parameters, then click OK to create the unread mailbox *:
  • Contains messages that match "all" of the following conditions "
  • "The unread message"

Set parameters for Unread Inbox in Mac Mail

  • Going back to the main mail screen, look in the left sidebar for "Smart Mailboxes" and choose the new "Unread mail only" mailbox just created
  • Inbox not read only on Mail for Mac OS

    When you select "Unread messages only" (or whatever you called the inbox), only unread messages will be displayed in your mail app. Unread emails in the Mail app are indicated by the blue dot that appears next to the email in the mailbox, and in this case all email messages will show the blue dot because they are unread.

    If there are no unread email messages, this smart mailbox will be empty.

    Switching from the smart mailbox only to unread messages and to the normal inbox and mailboxes is just a matter of choosing the Inbox to be used from the left sidebar in the Mail app as usual.

    * Note that if you want to view only unread emails for a specific email account, you need to add another parameter to specify the inbox

    Obviously this approach for the Mac Mail app, but iOS users can also view only unread emails on iPhone and iPad with a special unread mailbox. In addition, if you are a webmail user you can show all unread messages in Gmail using even a simple sorting trick.

    Do you know any other useful tips for mail? Let us know in the comments.