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Shoegazer, the Shazam for sneakers

The app was prototyped by a British company and could appeal to large retail manufacturers

Being in a bar, on the street, on the subway and seeing someone wearing a pair of beautiful shoes, without having the opportunity to ask them what brand they are. One of those situations where you think that, wow, it would really be enough to have a "Shazam for shoes", to find out. It will not be difficult.

Soon said: Happy Finish, the British agency that deals with high technology applied to marketing, took care of it. Its prototype is called shoegazer and promises to recognize shoe models gymnastics on the market. Taking advantage of artificial intelligence, it requires training, but with about fifty models inserted, it returns a 95% response reliability.

The app only asks to point the smartphone camera, to allow the recognition system to understand what brand and model it is. As CNet points out, it is not difficult to imagine how much such a system could make companies mouth water, which could combine the use of the application with campaigns and promotions, continuing the fight against the last sneaker already quite bitter among fans .

"Retail is usually one of the first markets to adopt new and emerging technologies and we have seen it successful with both virtual and augmented reality, making us an active part of the process: the diversification of Natural Intelligence, therefore, will be a step natural"He commented to The InquirerStuart Waplington, the agency's CEO.

If shoes are in fact considered the "easiest" item of clothing, it is said that AI cannot already think about the next steps: hats, gloves and why not, the rest of the wardrobe. After all, the recognition has already been exploited for the construction of a "visual browser" called Blippar. The technology behind the recognition system already used in the fashion sector in an application launched by Visa Europe is its own. Two clues, make a test.


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