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Sherlockers: a site for Sherlock's additional channels

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Sherlockers: a site for additional Sherlock channels –

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Sherlock, the application integrated in Mac OS X, allows you to find and view some practical and useful information available on the Internet, such as stock market indices, news, movie times, auctions on eBay and much more.

Sherlock displays each of these "channels" according to a specific arrangement of columns and panels, and you can quickly move through the information to find just what interests you. By switching from one channel to another, Sherlock will change the appearance of the window accordingly.

The standard channels made available by default by Apple now begin to increase thanks to third-party developers.To make known the additional channels of Sherlock, a site was born on which there are listed the additional channels created by independent developers. Among the most interesting we point out a channel for Google, for the PadMed database (database of the National Library of Medicine), the Project Gutenberg (for the search for copyright-free texts) and many others: to find out more visit Sherlockers.

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