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Shazam for TV, a million shazamate in a year

Shazam for TV, a million shazamate in a year

Using the app to unlock extra content and promotions is becoming an increasingly common habit

The brilliant idea that of combine digital alloffline.Such as? Calling the user to make a direct action in front of the screen. what he doesShazam for TV(which in these days is one year old): have you ever noticed the application symbol during TV commercials? By activating Shazam on a smartphone or tablet, you are taken to a site with extra content, backstage and special offers.

It's called multiscreen advertising, that is, on multiple screens: from television to mobile. This marketing method has brought enormous results to Mobvious, the HiMediaGroup spin off that is also Shazam's exclusive dealership for Italy. The brands that have participated (like Nissan, Samsung, Sony, Mercedes, Eni, Skoda and Vodafone) say they are very satisfied. And rightly so.

The total number of interactions for Shazam for TV, in a year, reached 1,028,634 for a total of over 1 million people reached. Of these, over 96% interacted with the brand within the proposed extra content. Excellent results, considering that Shazam has 450 million unique active users in the world, of which 21 million in Italy. Here, too, 75% of app activations take place in front of a TV screen.


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