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Shazam, a completely new but paid application

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A new version of Shazam arrives and this time for a fee. The launch of the application for iPone and iPod touch, which took place this afternoon, brings substantial news in the utility capable of 'listening' to a song and telling us what its title is.

Shazam Encore, this is the name of the new version, capable of performing functions previously unavailable. For example, once you have identified a song, you can post a Tweet or post a minifeed on Facebook or even send a virtual postcard to our friends; you can mark, using the iPhone GPS, the places where we listened to a song, read the reviews of a song and information about an artist, discover the music tracks similar to the one we listened to, scroll through the rankings generated by Shazam users , find music tracks by searching for artist, album. By hooking the iPhone to the base while in the car, the application listens to all the songs playing on the radio and tells us their title; in case of absence of data or when it is not considered appropriate to constantly send the information to Shazam's servers to save bandwidth, the program can fully store the music listened to and then send it to the server at a later stage.

Shazam, as mentioned, also works with iPod touch, but needs a microphone that can also be the one supplied with the new iPod touch and integrated into the headphones.

Shazam Encore costs € 3.99. The free version remains in distribution on the App Store and has also been renewed, but it lacks several of the features of the paid version (faster, more sophisticated layout, ranking of tags, tips, auto mode and search). Especially able to identify only five songs per month against the unlimited songs of the paid version. Who has the old version, which had unlimited tags can continue to use it without any limitation