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Sharp, new 20-inch LCD monitor

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Sharp, new 20-inch LCD monitor –

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New 20.1-inch monitor on the market.

Presenting a generously sized display in one of the most popular formats today, Sharp is already known to the public interested in this type of product for its excellent 18-inch LL-T1820.

The LL-T2020 model has all the same stylistic characteristics of the predecessor but adds two precious extra inches to the diagonal which make it suitable for those who need to have a larger screen.

The LL-T2020 can show a resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels, perfect for professional use. The fidelity of those guaranteed by the technology that allows a 10 bit range for the grayscale for each subpixel for 16.77 million colors that had already won positive reviews when it was launched with the 18-inch model.

The new Sharp monitor also stands out for its speed in response which avoids the so-called "ghost images" and for the wide viewing angle (170 degrees).

The LL-T2020 model, which features two DVI-I connectors, is already on sale on the American market at a recommended price of $ 1999.

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