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Sharp 3D effect without glasses

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Sharp's British subsidiary announced today that it has developed a new type of liquid crystal display capable of displaying images with 3D effect without the use of special glasses.

The display, which also has the ability to show traditional images, is based on a particular system that allows you to take advantage of particular angles to produce the 3-dimensional effect.

Initially the screen will be aimed at the world of games, but in the future its technology can also be used for common TV shows and in all PC functions.

According to Sharp, who has made great efforts to keep the price in acceptable terms, he believes that the screen will not cost more than 50% of a normal LCD at launch; in the next few years, as technology evolves, the surcharge could weigh no more than 20%.

The screen, Sharp points out, can give the 3D effect, as mentioned, only from certain angles. To provide the right perspective will be a bar that will appear black when the user is in the right position to enjoy viewing in three dimensions.