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Shanling Music Center 50: the class music station for iPod and iPhone

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Shanling Music Center 50: the classy music station for iPod and iPhone –

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Impossible to remain indifferent to the at least original construction and design solutions that the Chinese manufacturer Shanling has infused in the Music Center MC-50, an audio amplifier ready to host iPods and iPhones, capable of playing music from multiple sources. The completely metal chassis literally covered with valves, potentiometers, wheels and various protrusions that make the Music Center MC-50 look like an ingenious and complex machinery that would not disfigure in a Jules Verne novel.

Inside we find the latest generation technologies, a mixture of analog and digital solutions, capable of reproducing quality music not only from the Apple paperbacks but from a series of internal and external sources. The output power of 2x15Watt RMS, the frequency response of 10Hz-20kHz with a difference of more or less 1dB. The Music Center integrates a Burr Brown 1796 DAC processor to rework the input audio and improve playback quality.

In addition to the dock for iPod and iPhone, the Music Center MC-50 integrates a CD player for CD-CDR and CD-RW media capable of reading MP3s, and finally FM / AM radio. The price? To amaze guests with this steam punk design device, it is necessary to pay 1,280 euros including VAT. For further information, please visit this web page.

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