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Shake, soon for Mac OS X only?

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Shake, soon for Mac OS X only? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple intends to use the software it buys on the market or develops on its own as a tool to push its hardware. If anyone had any doubts about it, he should have seen it dissolved following Cupertino's recent moves. Other confirmations come from the network from which it is learned that Shake, the application used by many production studios for the creation of special effects and that Cupertino bought a few months ago, will no longer be developed for Windows. unofficially, Nothing Real, now controlled by Apple, in some emails sent to its customers. The company, saying that it was satisfied with the feedback from its customers who were able to see the first versions for Mac OS X, underlines that it will continue to support and implement versions for Irix and Linux until the end of 2003. "The next version 2.5 – points out for Nothing Real – it will also be the last for Windows ”. Subsequently, after 2003, Apple assessed market demands for Shake in order to provide the best product for its customers. A message that suggests how Shake could become an application only for Mac OS X. We remember that Shake is a professional high-cost product used for the creation of special effects in post production. Among the most recent films based on Shake's abilities is also the Lord of the Rings. Apple's attempt is evidently to ensure, thanks to the exclusivity of this software, the supply of machines to the Hollywood studios, perhaps also combining it with Maya for Mac OS X.

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