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SEOAuditor: How to monitor the SEO status of a website from your Mac!


Do you want to know in a simple click what SEO status your website is in? Then this is the application that's right for you!

For webmasters and web marketing experts the SEO a website a very important thing! For the less experienced: What SEO? SEO the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimizzation and that is techniques that allow you to place a web page under a certain search key in the top places of google searches, which are based on the search algorithm used by google. For example if we have to index the main page of YourLifeUpdated we could insert in a H1 type header the following keys, such as technology, telephony, etc. In this way the google search engine "thinks" that the words entered in an H1 header are very relevant so it indexes our blog as a site that "treats" the search keys mentioned above!

SEOAuditor he comes to our aid by giving us the visualization of main parameters characterizing the potion of a web page and are:

Google PR; Alexa Rank; SEO Moz PA and DA (if available); Google + data; I like diFacebook; Tweet counts;

Just insert the link of the website to be analyzed and in one click you visualize all the information!

The application available on the Mac App Store for free here is the download link

(you will be redirected to itunes in order to launch the Mac App Store application)

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