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Send texts written on iPad via iPhone, Mover + acts as a bridge

Sending written texts on iPad via iPhone, Mover + acts as a bridge –

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Almost close to the ghostly end of the world predicted by the Mayans in 2012 we are still far from a global internet coverage and unfortunately the times when the Wi-Fi of our "non 3G" iPad will be completely useless to transmit texts will not be rare.

In such situations, how can you send a document written with Pages via email? If equipped with an iPhone, you could transfer the text from iPad to the Apple smartphone and then use the latter for sending via SIM data connection, but how to proceed?

The solution comes from Mover +, a third-party application created by Emanuele Vulcano, directed to the transfer via BT and Wi-Fi of images, contacts, text clippings, bookmarks and even videos taken with the iPhone 3GS between the Apple's touchscreen devices . With a few simple steps it will therefore be possible to send text from iPad to iPhone:

1) select the text to be sent (within Pages or any other application) and copy it using the copy / paste tools available starting from iPhone OS 3


2) openMover + on iPad and touch+->Pasteto create a card on the fly containing the previously copied text



3) we open Mover + also on iPhone and we transfer from iPad to the pocket Applela card previously created



4) Touch for a few moments the card received on the iPhone and touchE-mail: Mail will show a new e-mail message with the previously copied text ready to be sent



The procedure indicated will result in the loss of the formatting of the document and any associated images, but will be more than adequate for text only and useful in cases where our iPad does not find a Wi-Fi hotspot and the timeliness in sending a document is of crucial importance … as long as you have an iPhone eMover +!

Recall that Mover + costs 1.59 euros and is bought from here

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