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Semiconductors, sales recovering despite everything

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Semiconductors, sales recovering despite everything – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The month of June was very difficult, but the year will end positively for the semiconductor sector.

To show optimism about the possible growth of the segment, which would also mark a recovery in the IT world in general, the Semicondutor Industry Association (SIA), which brings together the main American chip makers.

According to SIA, the second fiscal quarter which ended in June showed signs of recovery compared to the same period last year with an increase of 5.8% compared to the first quarter. The merit would essentially be in sales in the wireless and consumer electronics sector. The only month that made an exception in the quarter was that of June during which there was a 0.2% decline compared to May worldwide with drops of even 5% in Europe. This confirms the announcements of several players in the sector, such as Intel and AMD, who have accused a difficult month of June for the profit data not respected during the quarter.

In any case, the SIA believes that the recovery of the semiconductor sector is still underway and that by the end of the year the increase in sales will be 3%. The year of real rebound will be for 2003 when the growth will be 23.2% compared to this year

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