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Semiconductor turnover increases in July

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Perhaps the recovery of the semiconductor sector has not yet begun, but the worst seems to be behind us. The deduction, which derives from converging signals, is confirmed by the data provided today by the American association of semiconductor manufacturers (SIA)

According to some surveys implemented in recent days, the worldwide turnover in the field of chips reached 11.7 million dollars during the month of July with a gain of 8% compared to the same period last year and 2.9% compared to June.

Of particular relevance, not only for statistical purposes, the figure year on year. This is the first growth since February 2001.

At this rate, claims the SIA, the third quarter will lead to a final balance growing between 7 and 9% in turnover compared to the previous fiscal quarter. Year-on-year growth forecasts of 3% should be confirmed at the end of the year.

Note that a large part of the increase in sales would be attributable not to the world of PCs, but to that of electronic devices. After spending on computerization, it seems to understand, consumers are now focusing on other types of gadgets, such as DVD players and other devices such as digital music.