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Self-destructing messages arrive on WhatsApp: here's how they work

Whatsapp received several new features during this 2019, including improved Google Assistant support and fingerprint authentication. The Facebook-owned team however doesn't stop there and it looks like one new feature inspired by Snapchat and the finishing lines.

WhatsApp prepares messages with programmed self-destruction

According to the newspaper dedicated to WhatsApp,WABetaInfo, the company is now working on messages with programmed self-destruction. The unprecedented screens with this feature show that this new feature available for group chats, probably however will also come in private chats.

The screenshots they also suggest that the new feature for self-destruction of messages on WhatsApp, alleges a small all or nothing approach, i.e. all messages in the chat disappear or none of them. In a nutshell, it seems that it is not possible to send a contact with programmed self-destruction to a contact.


Users will be able to set the expiration time for these messages, having the possibility to choose between 5 seconds and an hour, hoping however a greater possibility of choice in the future or on release, between these two values ??of time. As we well know, Snapchat warns the user that the interlocutor has now taken a screenshot of a Snap, however we do not know if the WhatsApp development team intends to introduce a similar functionality.

The date on which we can expect the release of the update with the new functionality for messages is not yet known.WABetaInfo has already anticipated additional features that the team has not yet implemented, such as looped videos. It may therefore still take some time before all this arrives on the platform.

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