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"Security reasons," Google bans the Zoom app from corporate computers

google zoom

Google has banned employees from using Zoom on company computers. The indiscretion was reported by BuzzFeed and confirmed by Business Insider.

google zoom

The company sent an email to all employees who had the Zoom app on their computers, noting that the app it would stop working this week. The motivation indicated by BigG was the following: "security vulnerability".

“We have long adopted the policy of not allowing employees to use unapproved apps for jobs outside our corporate network, "said a Google spokesman in a statement.

"Recently, our security team informed employees using the Zoom Desktop Client that the application would stop working on corporate computers because not able to meet our safety standards for apps used by our employees, ”added the note. “Employees who have used Zoom to stay in touch with family and friends can continue to do so through a web browser or via a mobile device, ”adds the Mountain View giant.

In a period like the one we are experiencing, where people find themselves forced to work, study and socialize from home following the "lockdown" imposed by the various governments to curb the infection by coronavirus, Zoom's popularity has increased dramatically to say the least.

However, this growth cannot be seen as good news, given that with the passing of the days even the various service vulnerabilities in terms of security, including a new form of harassment known as "Zoom bombing", in which hackers gain access to a Zoom meeting and attempt to stop it.

Google is not the first company to ban the use of Zoom. Tesla did the same thing earlier this month, again for security reasons, and asked employees to rely on phone calls, emails and text messages.

Source Business Insider