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Secure Twitter: all the news and results achieved

2018 Twitter tweet more retweeted

Twitter communicates the results achieved and goals globally to make the platform a safer place for everything concerning offensive tweets, abuse, spam, tweets that incite violence.

Twitter is committed to making its users more confident. For some time the company has declared that its priority is to create a platform free from abuse, offensive content, spam and other elements that can distract from ongoing conversations, and various actions have been taken by Twitter in this direction.

2018 Twitter tweet more retweeted

Secure Twitter: results achieved

Here are the main results achieved by Twitter in terms of security:

  • 38% of offensive content on the state platform taken proactively from the Twitter team instead of relying only on reports from users.
  • Abuses reduced by 16% from the profiles not followed by those who report the abuses themselves.
  • 000 accounts suspended for having created a new profile following a suspension from January to March 2019, an increase of 45% compared to the same period of the previous year.
  • 60% increase in responding to requests, thanks to the new in-app appeal process.
  • Compared to last year, it was registered an increase of 3% in accounts suspended within 24 hours following a report;
  • Thanks to a new reporting process, we see an increase of 2.5 times in the removal of private information.

Secure Twitter: a proactive approach

People who do not feel secure on Twitter should not report abuse. Previously, Twitter dealt with potentially offensive tweets only on report and today it is no longer acceptable. This year the priority to take a proactive approach to offensive content that is not based only on user reports.

Today, thanks to technology, 38% of the offensive content on the platform is proactively reported so that a human resource revises it, instead of relying on reports from Twitter users. In this context, numerous policies are included, such as offensive behavior, instigations of hatred and injury, threats and violent content.

The same technology that is used to track spam, platform manipulations and other violations allows us to identify and report offensive tweets to the appropriate Twitter team. The control of this type of content has led to an increase in resources in key areas and in different markets, so as to prevent, monitor and work effectively to ensure a safe environment for all users. Reports are useful and highlight the need to control content, but Twitter has felt the need to do more and aware that there is still a lot of work to be done.

The next news

And here are the next steps announced by the company to improve safety.

In the first place, the intention is to enhance the technology to check faster, and before they are reported, content that does not comply with the rules of the platform, specifically tweets with private information, threats and other types of abuse.

This means that it will be easier for users to share details when they report critical content, so they can act faster, especially when it comes to safeguarding people.

Furthermore, the Twitter rules will be updated in the coming weeks and will be made shorter and easier to understand.

Finally, starting in June, the possibility of giving users greater control over conversations will be tested, thanks to an option to hide responses to their tweets.