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Secret, the anonymity app resurrected since Trump's victory


The co-founder of the app closed last year reflects on social and US presidential elections and then announces: "Secret is about to return, too important to not be there"

First yes, then no, then maybe. The story of Secret, the app that guarantees its users anonymity both for file sharing and for conversations, full of ups and downs. In fact, before a communication from its co-founder in the post American presidential election, the story had to be considered dead and buried. Instead, no.

“Secret V2 is about to return. too important not to exist "David Byttow wrote on Facebook. He wrote it on Saturday, to then elucidate the cryptic message. It seems to trigger the urgency of a new version of the platform, closed last year, was the desire to offer people a space where they could be themselves, and not what they must feel to be in the public social arena.

The post-election period was full of analysis on the spoiled air that you breathe on social networks and on the ecosystem increasingly victim of the filter bubble. "We're in a bubble, fuck the bubble" the answer that Byttow gave to TechCrunch, explaining that “People don't have a good space to be their own in a more authentic way, especially in front of the people they know. There is too much fear, and too little self-awareness. We need more awareness, starting from Silicon Valley ".

In short, the app that it had closed because of the aggressive drift of anonymity, could be reborn precisely because of a different interpretation of the freedom that anonymity could guarantee.


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