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Scrap your Android to buy new iPhone with Apple

Scrap your Android to buy new iPhone with Apple


Apple also recycles Android and BlackBerry in Italy. Apple "scraps" Android and BlackBerry also in Italy

Bringing an Android smartphone or simply any other brand, Apple will grant you a discount coupon that you can use to buy an iPhone or iPad.

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Apple decides to extend the reuse and recycling program started in the United States to the United Kingdom, France and Italy: you can buy a new iPhone by delivering the old Android smartphone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

As anticipated in the past few days, finally Apple's recycling and recycling program also starts in Italy. This program, as easy to guess, allows users to buy a new iPhone at a discounted price if the old Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone smartphone is delivered to the Cupertino company.

Obviously, for, do not expect an overstatement of used machinery: your smartphone will be valued by Apple at much lower prices than the market ones, so you should try to sell it on some second-hand markets to get some extra money.

But let's see all the details on this Apple's new use and recycling initiative.

We had known this for a few weeks, but now the official news: Apple extends its full Reuse and Recycling program to other countries, Including Italy. This initiative allows users to get credit not only for the delivery of old iPhones and iPads, but also for devices Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

The project, born a few years ago to ensure the correct disposal of electronic components, provides for the assignment of a credit that can be immediately spent for the purchase of a new Apple device. The user will have the option to choose whether to receive a discount on the purchase of a new product or a gift card.

It is important to note that, in the event that the wear and the conditions of the delivered terminal did not allow to accumulate any bonus, Apple will in any case undertake to recycle responsibly on behalf of the user. Also in this case, therefore, you should try to sell the device on some second-hand market, maybe bring home a few euros.

How does Apple's recycling and recycling operation work in detail?

The operation is very simple: the customer can go directly to an Apple Store to receive an evaluation on his device. Apple experts will make the evaluation and the user can accept or not.

When buying a new iPhone or iPad, the employees of the Cupertino company will be able to assist the user in transferring contacts, synchronizing and downloading applications.

We recall that Apple launched the 'reuse and recycling' program for iPhones in store in mid 2013, but in the past two years it has extended this possibility also outside the USA and iPads. By making the "scrapping" of phones from other manufacturers available, Cupertino implements a very aggressive strategy to push sales of phones to its stores.

As I said, however, the figures offered by Apple are much lower than those of the market, it is better for you to sell the device for your own purposes.

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