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Schiller: "Sexy iPhone apps eliminated for too many protests"

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Schiller: "Sexy iPhone apps eliminated for too many protests" –

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Apple removed the applications with sexual allusions by responding to pressure from App Store visitors and customers who felt uncomfortable with the proliferation of these types of programs. Confirmation of what was supposed from the first moments in which the controversial story that led to the cancellation of over 5000 porn-soft or sexy-based applications emerged, comes directly from Phil Schiller, Apple's head of marketing in an interview with the New York Times .

Schiller, who on other occasions was already speaking directly with developers or in newspapers to explain some choices, points the index to the growing number of "applications with highly questionable content", a phenomenon that would have pushed the situation to a point where Apple has began "to receive complaints from customers such as women who found this content too degrading and parents who were disturbed by what their children could see on the store". As for the survival of some applications, such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010 (which is nothing more than a catalog of swimsuit models) or the official Playboy program, not very different from the others eliminated, Schiller distinguished between developers that they deal with this content in iPhone and iPod touch format and "well-known companies that according to a widely accepted format distribute materials already published and widely available"

The New York Times also reports impressions and statements from those who, from one day to the next, due to this sudden change of course, found themselves going from thousands of dollars a day of profits to zero. the case of Fred Clarke, owner of a company called, quite explicitly, On the Go Girls. “We only make slightly spicier programs than Disney distributes. I am shocked. And if we want to go further – Clarke says – and go to the point of view of a developer, I ask myself: how do you know that you are investing thousands of dollars in a business that could disappear the next day? " "We are obviously concerned about the needs of the developers – says Schiller – but we must put those of the children and parents in the foreground".

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