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Schiller: Mac OS X 10.2 has a fair price

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An interview with Phill Schiller and published today by the online edition of Business Week presents Apple's direct point of view on some issues brought to the attention of Internet sites and the Media over the past few weeks.

Above all the recent policies in the field of marketing of some products and specifically the costs applied to Mac OS X for the upgrading to Jaguar

"We think that applying a cost for an update – says Schiller – a year and a half after the release of the first version is a really reasonable option. It means substantially optimizing the investment made. " As for the price, Schiller finds it “fair for an update that contains 150 new features. $ 129 a common price for a paid upgrade "

Schiller then rejects the accusations directed at Apple by some third parties of distributing products they sell for free and therefore ruining their market. “If we talk about Mailsmith or Watson (a more advanced Sherlock clone) I have to say that Apple had produced something similar since well before Bare Bones and Karelia. Apple has always been a software developer since MacPaint, E-Mailer and FileMaker. In Mac OS X there are 3500 compatible applications and we only do 10. We are not stepping on many people's feet … "

There is not even a nod to the Switch campaign, which according to someone is failing. "I don't understand – says Schiller – how such a statement can be made. Those who say these things have had no data from us and we find attention to the advertising message instead. There are people who write to us, thousands of people have sent us their stories. We can also measure the effectiveness of advertising on the views at our site. We have added 1.7 million users since launch, more than a million of whom were Windows users. And in any case – says Schiller – initiatives such as the Switch cannot be measured effectively in a few weeks "

The launch of iPod for Windows is seen as an opportunity to increase the Mac business. "When people who use Win – says Schiller – will see what we have been capable of with iPod, next time they could consider buying a Mac because they have had a good experience with iPod "

Finally the hit with Microsoft: “Do they say that the spread of Mac OS X is not on par with their expectations? We are at 10% of the installed base, many do not use Mac OS X because they have old machines; our goal of reaching 20% ​​by the end of the year. It is a phenomenal adoption rate. Nobody in the IT industry has been able to do the same. " And as regards the scarce sales of Office, the opinion the same as a few days ago: they will decrease the price and will sell more: “In a time of crisis like the current one – Schiller closes – in which the price of hardware continues to drop, if you spend 1000 or 1500 $ for a computer you don't want to spend 500 $ to buy a software. This is the challenge they have to win "