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Schedule 2: new frontiers in digital signage

The second release of Palinsesto, the software for Digital Signage developed by Domino Sistemi, arrives on the market with new features

The second release of Palinsesto, the software for Digital Signage developed by Domino Sistemi – the Masserdotti Group's multimedia communication company, arrives on the market with new features. With over 1,000 active installations in the world, flexible programming suitable for all types of customers, from large signs to the smallest advertising circuits. Based on a client / server system connected to a central control structure, Palinsesto it allows the management and programming of multimedia contents remotely on device networks such as monitors, totems, displays and video walls, regardless of where they are located.

Schedule _ControlRoom

Among the most important innovations of the new release, the exclusive Console function that allows the user to adjust the activation and programming of the contents pre-loaded on the Schedule server on each device inserted in its network. Campaign Tracking simplifies the control and management of campaigns already transmitted, thanks to the convenient display via screenshot, which ensures easy access to the planned sequence. Palinsesto 2 also incorporates the innovative function Download from Master, implemented to avoid bandwidth overload when downloading new content. By configuring a single multimedia solution of your network as a Master, in fact, it will only be the latter to download the contents from the server, then sharing them with all the other players. Also for those who choose to install a video wall system: Sync ensures perfect synchronization between multiple monitors thus facilitating the dissemination of content with very high visual impact.

The Digital Signage is entering in a bullying way in the strategies of shopper marketing and are more and more numerous the brands and the insignia that point on the introduction of technological systems for the communication in-store comments on CEO Alberto Masserdotti Palinsesto 2 responds to the need to program and manage dynamic, interactive and targeted messages and campaigns even more simply, powerfully and securely, with a simple click..

All the details relating to Palimpsest are available on the dedicated platform, where there is also information on the distribution channels and access to the dedicated area for active users.

Schedule a solution available to Masserdotti Group corporate customers, integrated within Taylor made digital communication projects, but also a tool for everyone. Plant engineers, installers and home automation experts can, in fact, access the consolidated know-how of the Brescia Group thanks to – the first and only online shop for technological solutions for visual communication. gives operators the opportunity to become retailers, providing them with a team of specialized technicians and the added value of E-Lab, the 2.0 customer service that provides training, consultancy and assistance in real time thanks to advanced channels and tools.

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