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Save iPhone contacts with My Contacts Backup

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save iPhone contacts

IPhone contacts gone? It can happen and when a big mess happens. As is known, one of the operations not envisaged by the iPhone is to physically save the data of its native applications such as messages, calendar and others, but the function of which one feels most lack certainly is the impossibility of saving the contacts of the address book in a file that you can keep safe. Imagine the panic if the jewel of Apple crashes with the consequent loss of the hundreds of important contacts that everyone has in their address book. For this important to know how to save iPhone contacts in a file.

As you well know, you can also use the features made available by iCloud which allows you to store all your contacts on the Apple cloud. You will be able to access it even without using an iPhone, going to the iCloud site, logging in with your data and finally accessing the sectionContacts. As we know, sometimes the cloud can be inaccessible and lose some data. The best thing would be to store Contacts on a file that you can keep safe, especially when they are important customers of your company. If we want to save iPhone contacts with a backup and save them in a file, how do we do it? Below we find a safe and free method.

How to save iPhone contacts?

Do not worry, this problem came from a third-party application calledMy Contacts Backupdownloadable for free fromAppStore. And compatible with iPhone, iPod touch is iPad. Requires iOS version 8 or later and also in Italian.

Save and transfer contacts with My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup the easiest way to backup and restore contacts, all from your device without having to use a computer or synchronize your device with iTunes. You can back up all your contacts with just one click and send them to text or others as a file * .vcf, the standard for v-Card business cards, using the e-mail client. All contacts can therefore be easily restored at any time, simply by opening the * .vcf file using the application in question. Also a very useful app to transfer the phonebook to other phones, in fact it is possible to export all the contacts from the iPhone and then import them into other smartphones, be they an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows Phone device.

My Contacts Backup

No registration required or account activation, you only need to send your contacts in a format * .vcfthan a standard for this data, via email to yourself or others from your email client. This app backs up your contacts or simply transfers them to almost any mobile and desktop device. The only limitation is the number of contacts that can be saved, which in the free version cannot exceed the number of 500. You need to download the PRO version to backup unlimited contacts.

The other features of My Contacts Backup

  • Backup without internet connection. No need to synchronize with any server. Just send the backup file to your email.
  • Easy restore. No need to use any application to restore backup files. Just touch the * .vcf backup file in iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and restore your contacts for free and simply.
  • Transfer contacts between iOS devices using your email client.
  • Backup of Contacts in vcf format (vCard) or export Contacts as a csv file (Excel).
  • You can also delete all contacts in the Address Book.

After seeing how to save iPhone contacts with My Contacts Backup, how to restore them? All contacts can be easily restored at any time, simply by opening the .vcf file in your inbox with the iOS Mail app or with other clients. Which method do you use to back up your contacts? Let us know through the comments.

It is also interesting to know a method to recover iPhone contacts inadvertently deleted. This guide can help you recover lost numbers.