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Samsung sends a strange notification to Galaxy users across the planet

Samsung invia una strana notifica agli utenti Galaxy di mezzo pianeta

In the past few hours, countless reports have appeared, on the net and on social networks, from Galaxy users all over the world relating to a strange Samsung notification received and displayed on the terminal display.

The text of the message contains only the number one, written in number and, as the screens circulating on the net demonstrate, the strange Samsung notification comes from the Find My Mobile service, the equivalent in the Samsung ecosystem of Find My Apple from Apple.

The unusual message to say the least has suspected and in several cases even alarmed some users who feared that their device had been compromised by malicious software or directly by an attacker. Unlike standard notifications, if the user presses on this message nothing happens: usually a tap on the notification from Find My Mobile automatically starts the execution of the paired app. Another detail that has made many users suspicious in different countries of the globe.

Still other users, but in far fewer numbers than the reports of those who received the notification, complain that upon receiving the message they detected abnormal energy consumption by the Find My Mobile app. In any case, this detail does not seem to apply to everyone.Samsung sends a strange notification to Galaxy users across the planet

Fortunately, this was not a malicious attack targeting Galaxy terminals. A spokesman for the South Korean multinational told Yonhap that it was an internal test test of the service that ended in an error: the company apologizes for the Samsung notification and ensures that there is no effect on users' smartphones.

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