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Samsung Galaxy X: revealed the design

galaxy x

Galaxy X: a new leak shows the design and the size of the folding smartphone screen coming out in 2019. The leaked designs look very similar to one of Samsung's most recent patents for a 3-screen folding device

Samsung Galaxy X: a new leak shows how the design of the folding smartphone will look and also the screen size of the new device being designed. The leaked drawings look very similar to one of Samsung's most recent patents for a folding device.

Samsung Galaxy X design

It appears that Samsung is taking its time before the highly anticipated Galaxy X is launched, but if the recent leaks were actually indicative, the smartphone giant's efforts would seem to be working on its first portable folding device.

Samsung Galaxy X release

Just recently, a report by the Korean publication The Bell stated that Samsung is about to launch the Galaxy X, the company's first folding smartphone, in 2019. Reportedly, the South Korean technology giant is starting to produce parts for the next device, even if only on a small scale. Thus, it would seem that, while Samsung could finally launch the folding smartphone next year, the device would only be available in very few quantities.

Samsung Galaxy X premium

The South Korean publication also noted that the company had made some small orders for plausible basic components for a folding device. This, of course, seems to be perfectly in line with the idea that when Samsung releases Galaxy X, will initially be available only in some selected territories and in limited numbers. In several respects, this choice would make sense, considering that investing in a device other than those that the company has designed so far would involve a massive amount of investment for the company. So doing what essentially a test on product demand would make business sense perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable with 3 panels

According to a Forbes report, the Samsung Galaxy X will probably have the design presented in a recent patent granted to Samsung.

According to a Forbes article the folding samsung would probably be equipped with three 3.5-inch panels: two side by side and another 3.5 inch on the back. When opened, the would be quite similar in design to the Galaxy Note 8. The third 3.5-inch panel would be used as an area where the smartphone user could interact with the device without explaining the entire phone.

Even the competition seems to be increasingly turning to the sphere of foldable smartphones, with the advantage of Samsung being increasingly reduced due to the efforts of rivals such as Huawei and LG, both apparently committed to designing their own folding devices. With such competition on the horizon, Samsung finally seems to be taking the Galaxy X project very seriously.

galaxy x

Samsung Galaxy X: new patents show how it will be

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