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Samsung Galaxy X: new patents show how it will be

Samsung Galaxy X foldable

Samsung Galaxy X: new patents from Samsung come to light, suggesting a revolutionary Trifold design, and how the revolutionary Samsung folding and aundo will be released.

Samsung Galaxy X : new Samsung patents come to light, suggesting a revolutionary Trifold design, and how it will be the revolutionary folding Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable

More details on the Samsung Galaxy X have emerged recently and suggest that the South Korean technology giant is pushing the innovative aspect of its potential more revolutionary and daring device further. Based on recent patents for a folding smartphone, it appears that Samsung is exploring the possibility of a flexible mobile device that folds twice.

Samsung Galaxy Design

As reported in a Business Insider report, the new patents for the folding smartphone were granted to Samsung on May 2nd. Such a design would be rather revolutionary, considering that, up until now, the closest thing to a flexible phone on the market has been the ZTE Axon M, a device that literally looks like two phones locked together.

Samsung Galaxy X technical sheet

From what appears to be seen in newly licensed patents, Samsung is attempting to perfect a project that allows the Galaxy X to bend over. Two particular designs have been outlined in recent patents; one a smartphone that folds in half and another a device that presents a "three-fold design", called Trifold design.

Very interestingly, both patents seem incredibly detailed. The design of the single-fold variant of the device has no empty spaces. Therefore, based on the patents, the final design of the Galaxy X is starting to be a folding smartphone without compromise.

Samsung-Galaxy X foldable in 3 pieces

Perhaps even more impressive is the trifold concept of the Galaxy X, a design that has a rather long vertical display that can be folded twice. The small folding Galaxy would be folded back on itself, similar to the way the three-part wallets fold. What is rather interesting that users of the device would be able to open a single fold or section to reveal only a third of the display. This function could be used to check a notification or a message, for example.

In addition to this aspect, one of the sections of the Galaxy X three-fold trifold design could also be used for support the smartphone while viewing the content. The device could also be used in a hybrid curtain mode, in which users can fold two sections into a triangular shape to show a single section of the folding display in a vertical position.

Samsung Galaxy X release

In the meantime, rumors have spread that Samsung could release the Galaxy X in early 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable