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Samsung Galaxy S20: price trend forecast

Samsung Galaxy S20: price trend forecast

The market launch of Samsung Galaxy S20 very close, with the official presentation of the same scheduled for 11 February. In recent days, precisely regarding the new top of the Samsung range, more and more discretions have followed one another.

Even if the majority of fans of the Korean manufacturer will have no trouble rushing on the new smartphone on day one, those who want to wait for the most propitious moment to spend something less.

In this sense, the online price comparison portal Idealo can be a valuable ally, which, thanks to numerous data regarding the previous Samsung models, has extrapolated a series of useful indications in this sense.

Galaxy S20 +

How to evolve the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20?

The aforementioned portal, specifically, examined the price trend of the previous models (including Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 Plus). Noting some recurring movements in the graphs, therefore, it was possible to obtain a rather reliable forecast of the price trend.

According to these data, both for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and for the S20 + and the S20 Ultra, the most favorable moment could be the one starting from the fourth month of launch, with a general drop in prices that should vary from -25% at -33%.

Below is the forecast for the basic model:

galaxy S20 price

Here instead we refer to the S20 Plus model:

Although these are simple projections, it should be said that the data collected should be more than enough to make rather precise predictions.