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Samsung Galaxy Note II hits 5 million in sales

Samsung has announced that its brilliant Galaxy Note II smartphone has reached 5 million in sales and the number is still growing. The 5 million pieces were sold in a period of just two months, which is truly commendable. Of those 5 million, 3 million pieces were sold in the first month while the rest were sold in the second month. Samsung introduced its phone to the IFA in August and launched it later in India and South Korea in late September. The phone is not only popular in the United States or the sub-continental market, but it is impressing people all over the world. Statistics show that the smartphone is extremely popular in South Korea, China, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. It is doing huge business in these regions.

Samsung made this announcement on their Korean website. For the English translation click here.

Well, this does not mean that there are 5 million Galaxy Note II users or that 5 million people have actually purchased the product. The sales figures represent the number of products sold to retailers. This means that 5 million pieces are shipped from Samsung to retail and wholesale stores, some of which are sold and others still on sale. But there is no way to steal credit from Samsung. They deserve it. the hard work of companies and developers leading to success.

We also know of Samsung Galaxy SIII which affects 30 million sales. The sales figure of note II is much lower than that of SIII, but at the same time we cannot ignore the underlying reasons.

Let's take a look at some

1. Larger screen: One of the main reasons is the abnormal size of the smartphone. too big to call it mobile and too small to call it a card. Hence, not many people prefer to buy it. Generally, girls stay away because it is too big to handle and even impossible for some to comfortably hold them in the palm of their hand. And even if you are able to hold it, there is another painful task of using headphones all the time as it seems too strange to put Note II against your ears.

2. Best specifications: When you already have better specifications on another smartphone of the same brand and at almost the same price, why should you choose a device that has its share of problems. Certainly not.

3. Ineffective marketing: Samsung has done a lot of injustice to this product when it comes to marketing. I personally heard about the device first from an acquaintance and not from digital print and print ads. Well, in this era where people are also using social media to promote their product, it is indigestible for us to hear that Samsung, which has left no stone unturned in promoting SIII, has ignored its other brilliant phone. And this too, in this way.

This was our interpretation of the reasons behind the sale of Note II compared to SIII. But now, the past past. It would be exciting to see how Note II works in the future, as HTC also introduced its Droid DNA smartphone to compete with Note II. But hopefully, the Note II would certainly do quite well thanks to its fantastic specs.