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Samsung challenges Dyson with the POWERstick Jet wireless vacuum cleaner

Samsung challenges Dyson with the POWERstick Jet wireless vacuum cleaner

C who challenges Dyson on aesthetics, who on practicality, who on power: with POWERstick Jet Samsung brings the attack on all fronts with a top-of-the-range product accompanied by two other models with very similar characteristics that challenge the English manufacturer's V-series liconicity with performance and accessories that the Korean company wants to bring to a higher level.

We had a first contact with the new model at the Samsung headquarters in combination with the presentation-announcement of the new Galaxy Fold for the Italian market.

Let's start with power

The top model of the series has 200 Watts of power: even superior to that of the trailed vacuum cleaners of the same company.

Having three speeds, the power can be easily dosed with the button and the LED indicator on the top.

Never leave a cleaning in half

The POWERstick Jet electric broom equipped with a removable 3,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that allows you to work for up to 60 minutes while keeping the suction power level constant.

With POWERstick Jet there is no longer the risk of leaving the house cleaning in the middle because, thanks to the charging station which also allows you to avoid hanging on the wall, you can recharge two batteries at the same time. The station, with an ergonomic and compact design, also the place to store all the accessories.

Samsung challenges Dyson with the POWERstick Jet wireless vacuum cleaner

Compactness and Practicality

POWERstick Jetin addition to being light (2.7 kg including the battery – 400 grams below the most famous competitor) and comfortable to maneuver, equipped with a telescopic tube to extend or shorten in four different positions, allowing you to choose the most suitable height for your needs and make cleaning even easier.

The device is controlled by an LED display on which it is possible to check the set suction power, the type of accessory installed and also view the status of the filter and the brush. The air outlet (filtered) takes place on the sides and the filter is easily removable and washable.

Samsung challenges Dyson with the POWERstick Jet wireless vacuum cleaner

A special accessory for wood

POWERstick Jet has a series of accessories suitable for any surface, and the first cordless electric broom equipped with a perfect accessory for polishing wooden surfaces. The scrubber brush in fact, characterized by two rotating disks covered with a washable chelucid cloth and, if moistened, washes the parquet. You can use it either by spraying the water on the discs, or by applying a polishing product ("put the wax, remove the wax" .. cit.). The package also includes disposable moistened discs.

On its own, the brushes cost around 150 Euros but expect a special discount for the holidays with advantageous bundles in which it will be included.

The challenge is also played and above all on the Hepa filter: stop allergies

Last but absolutely not secondary the advanced 5-level HEPA filter system that captures up to 99.999% of dust particles and allergens and helps improve the quality of the air in the home.

In the first phase of the filtering process, the main cyclone separates the dust particles and traps the larger ones in another wire mesh filter. The Jet Cyclone, on the other hand, acts as a second cyclone and together with a micro filter captures the finest dust. Finally, an ultra-fine dust filter captures 0.3 ~ 10m sized dust particles. All parts and filters are easily washable and therefore able to guarantee a high level of hygiene. Here too we are one step above the top competitor with an effectiveness that should make a difference for those with acute problems of this type.

Samsung challenges Dyson with the POWERstick Jet wireless vacuum cleanerThe seriesSamsung POWERstick available from November in 3 different models with different configuration and power.

Samsung challenges Dyson with the POWERstick Jet wireless vacuum cleaner

To give you an idea of ​​the prices of this that the current top of the range of Samsung wireless vacuum cleaners: currently on Amazon the model POWERstick jet VS 9000 top with 200 W of suction power and a battery and with 6 accessories included: the soft brush Soft Action Brush which attracts and captures both large particles and fine powders, thanks to the interweaving of antistatic silver filaments and also deeply removes pet hair and hair, the Self Standing base that allows the vacuum cleaner to recharge two batteries simultaneously and store all the accessories, the mini turbo brush, the dust lance, the mini brush … currently on sale for 799 Euro including VAT.

If you are not in a hurry to make the purchase, please check these pages on the occasion of Black Friday or in the previous days for special offers that include a second battery or the brush dedicated to wooden floors: the price will be even more competitive.