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Samsung also wants its credit card

Samsung also wants its credit card

Cupertino launched Apple Card in the USA (all you need to know here) last year and sooner or later it will also arrive in other countries, in the meantime other technology giants are thinking of doing the same: some statements issued by the Galaxy multinational they suggest that Samsung wants its credit card too.

In 2020, Samsung Pay expands our service from a rewarding way to shop and pay, to a rewarding way to manage money. Over the past year, we have been committed to developing a mobile-first money management platform. Our vision to help consumers manage their money better so they can fulfill their dreams and goals. Today more than ever, mobile financial services and money management tools will play an even more important role in our daily lives, while opening up new possibilities.

samsung credit card

Until a few months ago, most of the technology companies' initiatives and projects in the finance sector were focused on digital payments. A consequence of the enormous diffusion of smartphones and the willingness of IT giants to concentrate as many functions as possible in a single device, possibly on their own platform and within their ecosystem. We all remember Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and many other systems.

From total digitization via smartphone, Apple has been not only the one that has been most successful with Apple Pay but, not surprisingly, also the first to have thought of the Apple Card credit card. Not only a replica of the historic credit card engraved above the logo of the Bitten Apple: perfectly integrated with Apple Pay for those who use it, but with the appearance of a simple credit card, perfect also for users who will never configure Apple Pay on the phone.Samsung also wants its credit card

Samsung's anticipation is not surprising: a logical development of the expansion of the financial services of the IT giants, then a good idea because Apple has already made it. All the macitynet articles that talk about Samsung are available from this page.

Instead for a guide on how Apple Pay works and is used in Italy, we refer to this in-depth analysis of Macitynet; everything you need to know about the Apple Card credit card in this article.