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Runtastic Road Bike: free today with App Del Giorno

Runtastic Road Bike: free today with App Del Giorno

With the technological development of mobile devices, and the arrival of the segment relating to wearable, attention to fitness now constant thanks to the significant improvements in daily activities that the exercise conducted with appliances equipped with targeted applications can provide tangible results, thus providing an optimization of the effort to achieve goals in less time and as always among the most important applications there is also the suite runtastic, quest today to hit Runtastic Road Bike.

Within the vast panorama of applications dedicated to fitness by Rastastic, the following ranks as the best for all cyclists, fans of two wheels, without a motor of course, who want to use the bicycle as a useful tool not only as a hobby but also for the physical training, obtaining results, especially if you use it daily as a means of getting around the city more and more oriented to their use with cycle paths, which not even the gym can emulate, with a generally prohibitive cost on the Google Play Store that you can break down todayRuntastic Road Bike free of charge available with App Of The Day.

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The application in fact boasts a price of 4.99, a very valid cost for the work carried out by the diRuntastic team, but which you can save with a couple of simple steps by unlocking the Pro version diRuntastic Road Bike without spending a cent. As always, to get it, you will need to download the official app of the day from the Google Play Store, click on the item "Free"And follow the next steps to load the free version of the application in question.

Completed this step that you can also perform directly without going through the App Del Giorno, obtaining Runtastic Road Bike on your device, you will have to go to the panel "Settings", Accessible from the upper right area of ​​the display, locate the item Enter a promotion Code, to type the promotional code APPOFTHEDAY, after which you will receive a confirmation message for unlocking the Pro version after restarting the application.

Here are the links to download both the App of the Day and the Runtastic Road Bike:

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