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Runtastic Pedometer Pro: free today with the App Del Giorno

Let's go back to talking about applications for exercise, a field in which wearable devices will not fail to provide their excellent contribution despite, currently, the solutions present within the Google Play Store allow your smartphones not to suffer excessively from the difference in use, in terms of comfort and quality in data collection, and among these certainly the best known suite is the one provided by runtastic.

For those who do not know them, I think very few people are now known to most, it is a series of apps specifically designed for exercise, in the different training areas, with which you can keep track of your progress, evaluate the quality of the exercises, and often also help you in the correct execution, being able to share the results on social networks, as well as in your personal profile on the internal Runtastic platform.

Today thanks to App Of The Day you can, after one wide range of offers already presented in the past, obtain the full license, without paying a euro, ofRuntastic Pedometer Pro, app created specifically to keep track of your walks, having a complete picture of data and statistics associated with this physical activity. Runtastic Pedometer Pro can be obtained by turning on the App Del Giorno app, clicking on the "Free" button and finally redirecting to Google Play Store to download the free version of the app, to unlock the license you will have to go to the "Settings" area, item "Enter the promotional code" and finally the code APPOFTHEDAY.

Here are the links to download both the App Del Giorno and Runtastic Pedometer, in fact you can enter the promotional code, once known, directly from the common application:

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