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Run time Revolution at an opportunity to discover the heir of Hypercard and Supercard

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According to Runtime, Revolution may have half the code and need half the time compared to comparable tools. Here are the main features.

– Front end for Internet You can create your own browser customized for your content, offering capabilities and answers that you cannot have by assembling pages in DHTML. Revolution ready for the Internet, with the ability to view information from any URL (including text, HTML, images, videos and sound) in your application window. You can perform Post and Get operations with a single command and use sockets to communicate directly with a host on the Internet.

– Applications for text management Revolution's "regular-expression" syntax and powerful "chunk expression" make it an obvious tool for creating applications for text management and transformation. Take any text file (or any file available on the web), transform it and make it a Revolution stack or a text file.

– CGI and command-line applications Use the fourth level Transcript language as a standalone, accessible shell scripting language. You can access variables in the Unix environment, standard input and output streams and sockets. Create CGI scripts that work on a server where Revolution is installed.

– Customized software solutions The creation of an interface with multiple windows takes place in a few minutes. Dialogs, palettes, buttons, menus and text fields (with an unlimited amount of text) are all elements that are part of the Revolution interface. Create applications to launch with a double click, for Mac OS, Windows or Linux, including the various flavors of Unix – all starting from the same basic code. Your applications are completely Royalty Free, regardless of how many platforms you will use.

– Fast utility development As a developer, you frequently need tools that can perform certain tasks. Thanks to the power of Revolution, their development becomes fast and simple, allowing you to quickly return to your main work. And when you want to embellish it to make it a product, the tools to make the Revolution interface will allow you to do it simply!

– Rapid prototyping With Revolution, the controls that create buttons, scroll bars, menus and more, take on the appearance and behavior of the supported platform. You can also have a preview of the supported platform, while developing on another platform! For special purposes, you can import externally compiled code directly into your Transcript code.

– Multimedia and educational titles Vector graphics, bitmapped images, text with styles, hyperlinks, QuickTime and QuickTime VR are all in Revolution. With the Transcript language, you can link your multimedia elements together in a sophisticated presentation, with the interactivity features you want. Obviously with all the color, animations with sprites and more, all under the control of the Transcript code.

Consider Revolution if ..– You have to create applications to be launched with a double click– You don't want to pay again for every platform you develop on– You need to have simple layout tools– You are tired of wasting time in the compilation / link / cycles test– You need 4th generation language, without sacrificing speed– Your customers need to have compatibility between Mac OS, Unix and Windows– You want to access quickly and see all the internet resources– You already have the code compiled and you have the need to "paste" it to a user interface – You need to quickly become productive Prices Various options are offered to get the Revolution license.

Licenses (except for multi-user licenses) are for an individual with a full name. The ch means that you need a single license to develop on all supported platforms and to compile on all platforms, without having to pay any royalties.

The professional license also includes one year of technical support by email, printed manuals and free updates for one year. After this period, to receive further updates and / or technical support, you will have to purchase a support package and / or renew the technical support contract, every year.

The Small Business Edition license does not include technical support, includes updates for one year and does not include printed manuals. It does not include full database support.

To find out more, we recommend you visit this page of the Active Software site but even more to follow the seminars that will be held this weekend at the Webbit by Rod McCall of Runtime Revolution: Dates: Friday 5 July at 13:00, Saturday 6 July at 6:00 pm Development of an information system for tourists – including images, QuickTime movies and animations. Developed on Mac made for Mac, Win and Linux. To enter for free (there are only a few coupons left) for all 3 days of the webbit, print the coupon of this page and then register for the seminar starting from this page.