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Run, avoid and destroy with Run! for iPhone and touch

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Run, avoid and destroy with Run! for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The details of the game Run are different! for iPhones and touches that recall ancient action games that first appeared in arcades and then in home systems, consoles and home computers. First of all, the graphics, once stylized for hardware limitations, in Run! Deliberately created with minimalistic but effective features. The second detail the style of play and the controls of the character: while the screen scrolls faster and faster from right to left, ours has a limited number of moves to jump, lower, defend or destroy with a punch or kick the various obstacles which follow one another quickly.

Zombies to be killed, deadly chainsaws that descend from above that we can only dodge by lowering ourselves instantly, tanks infested with sharks so from time to time it is better to jump more or more or miraculously overcome in a slide, brick walls that we can send in a thousand pieces or metal obstacles that we can only overcome. The sequence of obstacles and threats barely leaves time to think and so Run! becomes a frantic race for players who find themselves sucked into this title, with the challenge of resisting longer. Of course the result can be published in the world ranking and sent via Twitter to our friends. At the end of each game Run! offers a detailed statistic where you can view the obstacles and threats that have most often prevailed, in this way you can correct errors and improve your performance. Run! available on the App Store for 79 cents.

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