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Rumors: new iPod coming soon

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The rumors around the Macworld in New York continue to swirl, with many sites trying to guess the news that will be presented during the event

According to the site specialized in "rumors", one of the MacWorld Expo's guests of honor would be a new iPod.

The new version of Apple's lucky music player is expected to be based on a 20 GB firewire disk and cost $ 499.

In conjunction with its presentation, the original 5 MB iPod would be discontinued, while the 10 GB one would suffer a price cut, reaching $ 399.

In addition to the greater capacity, the new iPod would be characterized by the possibility of playing files encoded in MPEG-4 AAC, and would be marketed with the brand new version 3 of iTunes, which should also be made available for download from the Apple website.

There are rumors, also for the MP3 player, also of restyling, remote controls and Bluetooth support, but according to Thinksecret there is no certain news (!) At the moment, even as regards the version of the iPod for the Windows world.

(By Marco Centofanti)