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Rumors about iPhone 4.0, just a misunderstanding

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Rumors about iPhone 4.0, just a misunderstanding – logomacitynet1200wide 1

An error in drafting the press release. Here is what is at the basis of the now only alleged leak on iPhone Os 4.0 of which C / Net spoke today afternoon. To place in the context of a simple misunderstanding what appeared to be an indiscretion was the same "leading developer" quoted by the newspaper that suddenly contacted several websites to clarify the matter.

According to what is learned from The iPhone Blog, the developer, whose identity is not known for now, would have cited a version 4.0 in his press release, but wishing to refer to its own application and not to the operating system. In practice, the application would have been updated to version 4.0 for iPhone Os and not updated to iPhone Os 4.0. Confirming this thesis and that we are not faced with a somewhat approximate justification, there would be the blog of the developer who, since the launch of the release, spoke of version 4.0 of the program and not of the program for version 4.0 of the iPhone .

At the time of writing C / Net, the site that launched the rumor making them travel around the world in a short time, has not yet corrected its news. Recall that rumors about the iPhone Os 4.0 have been around for some time, although no one has had anything really concrete to present to the media for now.

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