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Ruling against Microsoft: Apple does not comment

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According to Judge Apple, probably referring to the story of QT on Windows, he was forced to abandon some technologies and market initiatives. In addition to this, Microsoft has operated in such a way as to remove visibility to Netscape in the Mac OS operating system so as to diminish its image as a multi-platform product. This operation would have been implemented threatening to no longer produce Microsoft Office if Apple had not used Internet Explorer as the default browser. These references are added to the statements that Ave Tevanian, head of Apple's software sector, had released during the trial. Then the manager had clearly stated that on several occasions Microsoft had threatened the Cupertino company not to develop Office anymore if Internet Explorer had not become the default browser for MacOs. In addition to this, Tevanian mentioned some meetings between Microsoft and Apple during which the company Redmond asked several times for the deletion of QT projects for Windows. Therefore enough to suggest that in Cupertino no one is desperate for Jackson's verdict, despite Microsoft being among Apple's investors.