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Rubén Caballero, a former Apple employee, joins Microsoft

Rubén Caballero, a former Apple employee, joins Microsoft

Rubén Caballero, who worked for Apple about a year ago, switched to Microsoft. He is a hardware engineer with executive tasks who worked on chip modems in Cupertino. For Microsoft it will hold the position of vice president and, according to what he wrote on his LinkedIn profile, he will deal with devices Mixed Reality, like the HoloLens. It will also deal with unspecified "special projects".

Caballero joined Apple in 2005 and remained there until April 2019, when there was the big earthquake in the modem chip market caused by the relations between Apple, Intel and Qualcomm. To put it briefly, after arguing for a few years over money issues, Apple and Qualcomm have made peace, and Intel, which Apple had fallen back on, found itself without a customer. Intel eventually closed the modem division, and Apple bought it.

This happened in April, we said, but apparently Caballero, who was "famous" among fans for the his role in the famous iPhone 4 Antennagate (it is said that it was he who told Steve Jobs that the smartphone could have had problems with the stability of the cellular connection if challenged in a certain way), he had already resigned (or had been fired, it is not known) three months before .

Caballero therefore joined, as Chief Wireless Strategist, in Keyssa, a Silicon Valley startup that pushes for the elimination of physical connectors for data transfer (trivial example: the USB or Lightning port of the smartphone) in favor of a solid state connector, also based on the 5G mmWave technology. Between this and wireless charging, a smartphone could be completely without ports, without giving up high transfer capacities – the company talks about transferring an HD movie in a few seconds, and even if those who chew a little encoding know that it means everything and nothing gives us at least an order of magnitude. Moreover, Keyssa is used by LG to connect the LG V's second display newer, including the brand new V60.

According to his LinkedIn profile, relations between Caballero and Keyssa remain unchanged, as well as those with Maui Imaging, Humane Inc. and Resonant Inc.