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Roxio, turnover up, profits down

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Roxio, revenue growth, profits down – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Higher turnover but lower profits for Roxio. This is the salient data that emerges from the tax report for the last quarter presented by the company Rosio, which celebrates a year of life as an independent entity after the separation from Adaptec in these days, reported a net profit of $ 300,000, two cents per share . Turnover was $ 38.9 million compared to $ 36.3 last year when the profit was significantly $ 1.9 million. Revenues were also higher for the year ($ 142.5 million versus $ 121.2 million last year), but profits were lower: 14 cents versus 17. Roxio CEO Chris Gorog said that the Lower profits are essentially the result of the costs faced to adequately advertise the company, totally new in name and brand.Gorog has also dispelled the doubts that the inclusion of elementary burning skills in both Windows and Mac have damaged the profits. On the contrary, according to Roxio, they have pushed many users to update their systems with Toast.Roxio also expects an increase in sales from the spread of DVD burning. The confusion that reigns in the sector, with different standards that fight each other, will favor products such as Toast that seek simplification and make the difficulties posed by differences in formats transparent to users.

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