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ROM Guide | Universal procedure for the Samsung Galaxy range

Although the models are constantly evolving, the procedures of modding for devices Samsung belonging to the Galaxy range, from the first debut models to the top of the current range, they have not particularly changed over time, allowing experts to be able to install different ROM with great simplicity, and similarly to beginners to be able to take advantage of even dated guides without incurring problems resulting from the lack of updating.

It is equally important for, and too often it is not carried out, to clarify the terms and procedures and the following guide aims to provide all interested users with an overview of how to install a ROM universally for everyone the Samsung Galaxy, regardless of the model owned and knowing, with absolute certainty, how and where to move in order not to run into problems, achieving the desired result.

Requirements for installing a ROM.

Assuming that your device has obtained root permissions, which are essential to be able to operate on the system and which we will not deal with now, you will need before launching the installation file of the ROM that you want to "cook" first. ". The sector full of alternatives, for the most varied tastes, and the names are many:

  • CyanogenMod
  • AOKP
  • Paranoid Android
  • omnirom
  • SuperNexus
  • SlimRoms
  • PacRom

Once you have selected the firmware release that you want to install, and downloaded the package in ".zip" format, you will have to find the GApps complementary, or another package, present in the same format, which contains the main applications Google, including the Google Play Store, essential for access to the main services offered by Android. Unlike the ROMs, which you will find well indexed on the sites of the relative developers, the latter will not always be attached to the cards, so a fallback solution to consider could be the apk download GApps Manager, which will do this for you automatically.

Precautions before proceeding with the installation of the ROM

A good advice that will always come in handy, for any flash operation you want to carry out in the future, will be to make a full backup of all your data which will be essential both if something goes wrong, being able to go back without problems, and for do not lose the settings of your application package to migrate also to the newly installed ROM.

In the first case, an operation to always be performed, you will have to resort to a nandroid backup, executable directly from the "recovery", Whose management will be clearer in the following lines, and will allow you to obtain a system image of your current configuration that can be reloaded in case of need. In the second case, an operation that we suggest to carry out in a complementary way to the first, you can resort to the functionality of Titanium Backup in order to obtain a copy of the installed apps, and of the data entered, present in yours microSD and re-installable once the new ROM is configured, by re-downloading the app.

ROM installation procedure

The procedure consists of simple steps to be followed literally thanks to which in a few minutes, about 5-10, you can change the firmware release on your device by providing you with the latest Android updates even if your manufacturer has excluded the device from the list of updates.

  • The first point requires saving the ".zip" packages of the ROM and GApps, if present, inside the microSD of your device.

Help | ROM Universal Galaxy-2

  • Access the "recovery" mode by pressing the "Volume Up + Home + Power" buttons simultaneously and with the device off.

Help | Universal Galaxy ROM

  • Make a "nandroid backup"

Regardless of whether you have one installed ClockworkMod or one 4EXT, the items will be similar if not completely identical. To complete this point, go to the list item "Backup"And follow the procedure while waiting for the transcription of the system image file to be completed, which can then be re-installed, if necessary, from the same section but under sub-item"Restore".

  • Make a hard reset of the Galaxy

This procedure will allow you to free the system from the traces of the previous version, in order to overwrite the new firmware contained in the ROM. Find the list item "Wipe"And more specifically"Wipe Data / Factory Reset", Confirming the subsequent steps and waiting for the completion of the operation.

  • Install the zip package of the ROM

The fully automated flash procedure, you will only have to locate, always from the main menu, the list item "install"And more specifically"Install Zip", Identifying the location of the zip package when saving at the start of the guide. Once identified, select it and confirm for the next phases, repeating this step also for the flash of the GApps. If you are not sure of the compatibility, we recommend installing it later, then turning it on again in recovery, after evaluating the correct functioning of the ROM. .

Help | ROM Galaxy Universal-3

During the flashing process of the ROMs, you may happen to see the appearance of a specific installation tool called Aroma Installer, a mechanism that must not alarm you and that you can complete without problems being equipped with a guided wizard which, if you are not interested try your hand at changing the basic parameters that are set for optimal operation in standard mode, it does not require specific skills.

  • Go back to the main menu and reboot the device through the item ?Reboot Now"

In case of problems during the installation of the ROM

The listed procedures do not always complete without problems, sometimes you may find yourself having to rely on your problem solving to save your Galaxy from uselessness, know that for every eventuality there is a remedy.

Should an error message appear during the ROM flash in the final phase, it is very likely that the ".zip" package is not intact and therefore becomes corrupt and becomes unusable. In this case you can search for another valid online one or resort to your backup by performing a system restore.

In the case of first long starts, within a minute that is around half an hour of charging, then you will have to restart everything by disconnecting the battery, retrying the ignition again a few times until the problem disappears, otherwise go back in "Recovery" and re-run the hard reset, opting for both a new ROM and your backup, the latter a valid solution even in the event of continuous and sudden reboots.

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