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Rogers, contract with unlimited data of 200 MB per month?

Rogers, contract with unlimited data of 200 MB per month? logomacitynet1200wide 1

100, maybe 200 megabytes per month. Here is what would be, at least one analyst, the self-styled 'unlimited plan' for data provided by Rogers Wireless for the iPhone launch.

The hypothesis that Rogers poses to launch an offer that, frankly, everything could be defined as unlimited, emerges from the statements made by Jonathan Allen of RBC Capital Markets to the National Post. To soothe a data plan that, euphemistically, could be defined as a bit stingy, the low cost of the monthly contract, just $ 35 Canadian, no more than 22 euros. But anyone who wants to put in a voice plan with an equally ungenerous 500-minute package the price would go up to $ 100 Canadian, or more than 60 euros. Note that the price for the phone, again according to Allen, would be $ 399 Canadian (250 euros).

Actually many of the things Allen says don't convince too much. From the fact that it is taken for granted that there will still be an 8 GB iPhone on the market (something that many believe at least in doubt) to the exclusive agreement, even for three years, and with a locked phone. The impression that the considerations used to form the picture of the situation are not entirely up to date and founded, especially as regards data, on the proverbial "short arm" that Rogers has with data traffic. As known, the Canadian mobile operator is very reluctant to give customers a bundle consisting of GPRS traffic to the point that it would have been this position that prevented Rogers from immediately bringing iPhone to the North American country.

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