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Rim, another patent to bring iPhone closer

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Rim, another patent to bring iPhone closer logomacitynet1200wide 1

For some time there has been talk of an 'iPhone' by Rim, a device similar in design and market target to the Apple phone. To signal it there are several clues that point to touch-sensitive screens and Blackberry with consumer functions. In the past few days, a significant new patent has been added to the elements that, if put into practice, could bring the devices of the Waterloo manufacturer very close to Cupertino.

The 'patent' in question is a system that will allow Blackberries to understand the orientation (horizontal or vertical), adjusting the human interface accordingly. The system works in a very similar way to the orientation sensor of the iPhone and iPod Touch, but to the simple variation of the vision of the contents, in the case of Rim, a modification of the function could also be implemented. Vertically, the Blackberry would operate as a telephone, with a numeric keypad and ad hoc display (all virtual); horizontally, the phone would present a keyboard, always virtual, Qwerty (or Azerty or Qwertz) with configurable layout for multimedia tasks. In practical terms for surfing the Internet, writing mail or watching movies, the Blackberry should be kept horizontally, for vertical phone calls.

Rim, as is well known, is currently engaged in chasing new markets specifically the consumer market by offering multifunction devices that revolve around the concept of the iPhone. Such a product would allow it to attack the niche that is currently firmly in Apple's hands.

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